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The Singapore Army is the bedrock of our nation’s defence. We are always ready and capable of conducting a spectrum of operations to defend the security interests and sovereignty of Singapore. As a trusted national institution, we forge the fighting spirit of our people to secure our future and protect our way of life.

Our Army Officers provide the organisational leadership, formulate operational plans and drive capability development needed for Our Army to thrive in an increasingly complex security environment. 

As an Officer in Our Army, you will enjoy a dignified career full of challenging and enriching opportunities, and develop into a leader par excellence. Under the Enhanced Officers Scheme (EOS), you will enjoy an elaborate career that will see you take on a spectrum of leadership and management appointments.

Minimum 'A' Level Qualification


Please use the information below to get in touch and find out how to reach us.

JobsCentral - Singapore Armed Forces

Army Recruitment Centre

3 Depot Road #01-66
Singapore 109680

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm
Closed on Sat, Sun, and public holidays

MRT / buses

Queenstown MRT Station
Redhill MRT Station
57, 145, 175, 176, 195, 272, 273

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Whether you are keen to find out more about joining the Army as a career or require more information with regards to the different vocations please email us your enquires.

For Enhanced Officer Scheme (EOS)/Scholarships - arcoffr@defence.gov.sg

For Enhanced Warrant Officer Scheme (EWOS)/ADF/SAF-Polytechnic Sponsorship/SAF-ITE Sponsorship - arcwo@defence.gov.sg

For Military Domain Expert Scheme (MDES) - arcmdes@defence.gov.sg